Vebjørn Karlsen


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A unique place – Saltstraumen.

North of the arctic circle, one of the worlds most enthralling wild life.

With its amazing marine life and exhilarating diving, Saltstraumen has been ranked one of National Geographic’s top dive destinations in the world.

This is a place that makes an instant impact on people, both above and under the surface. The area has an arctic and exotic setting. The sea and deep fjords surrounded by snowy peaks. The nature is stunning and White-tailed Sea eagles are patrolling the territory. Still, under the surface, the unseen and impressive scenery takes this place to another level. The combination of water movement  and the unique marine life creates an amazing underwater environment.

As the tidal water passes the narrow and shallow straight every sixth hour, it pushes rich nutrients up from the deep sea floor. This gives Saltstraumen a unique underwater biotope and a huge diversity and quantity of marine life. Underwater this strong tidal current visualize the north-eastern Atlantic in a compressed format.

Geology, Stone age settlement, Viking burial places, stunning scenery, Midnight sun, Northern light, unique fauna and spectacular marine life, all this is Saltstraumen.

Here you get 12 wonderful hours with Saltstraumen and the wild nature above and under water.

Saltstraumen has one of the world’s strongest and most scenic tidal currents.
The speed of the water can reach up to 24 knots/44 kph. 400 million m3 of water run through every six hours.
This creates the world famous Maelstrom and it’s whirlpools