Vebjørn Karlsen



As my main camera I use a Nikon D800, my second camera is the Nikon D610.

Lenses for nature and wildlife: I use a Nikon 28-300, Nikon 24-85, my precius Nikon 14-24, Nikon 20 mm f/1.8 and a Nikon 16 mm fisheye. For macro I use a Nikon 105.

Nikon strobes  SB-900 and SB-800, is fine for lighting in dark situations or to weaken the shadows. For macro I use the Nikon R1 wireless close-up speedlight system.

I also use a compact digital camera, this solution is light and practical in many conditions.

In my Lowepro Rover AW bag there is always place for extra clothing, hot chocolate, memory cards and spare batteries.

My Manfrotto tripod and a little bag of green peas is at great help fore god pictures in the field.

And then it’s my MacBook Pro and a couple of external HD backup.

Underwater photography.

My camera is the Nikon D800, a camera I can use in rough environment conditions.

I use a cast aluminium Subal housing, fitted with a suitable dome or port.

About lenses: I generally use the Nikon 14-24 lens, it’s the most convenient lens for the wide angle images I like to shot. For close up work, the Nikon 60 mm is my favorite.

As strobes I use two Sea & Sea YS D-2. The strobes are connected to the housing with TLC arms.

A Sola 800 light for focus in dark situations.

I shoot most of my images with ISO setting of 100, and pushing to more in dark conditions.