Last updated: may 2016


I live in Bodø, a small coastal town in the north of Norway.

My Photography interest was born in the late sixties.

I'm attracted to the wilderness and the people that live on the edge of it. Photography is a great way of getting under the skin on that culture.

I've been lucky enough to get my pictures published in books, marine projects, story production and countless articles.

Since I took my first breath under water in 1969, diving has been my number one passion. Diving has brought me to fantastic places like the Philippines, Micronesia, Thailand, Australia, Read Sea, Mediterranean sea, Indian sea, Island, Caribbean, South America, Norway, caves of Mexico, Spain, France and Florida.

Still, my number one dive spot with its amazing marine life is Saltstraumen in the arctic North Norway. The strongest tidal current in the world.


The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation has made this program about me, or more precise, the program is about the nature in the wonderful area I live.


If you have any questions, please drop me a message at: Vebjørn Karlsen




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