April 2019


Vebjørn Karlsen

Jordan april 2019


The coastline is only 27 kilometers long, but here divers enjoy a wide variety of dive sites.

Many of these are located within Aqaba Marine Park.

Pristine seagrass beads which is a paradise for macro photographers, soft and hard coral surrounded by a myriad of reef fish. From shallow reefs, to drop-offs down into the Abyss, and in between several beautiful wrecks.


Seven Sisters, the Tank and the airplane (Hercules scuttled in 2017) is one of the more popular dives. Start with the Hercules as it is deepest, continue with the American M42 tank, which was scuttled in 1999, finish the dive on a beautiful set of pinnacles. 

The Cedar Pride, a Lebanese freighter was sunk in 1985 at the wishes of King Abdulha II as a diving attraction. She has rapidly been colonized by soft corals and is now a busy artificial reef. Look for the frogfish in the basket.

Wadi Rum, the crown jewel among the world's deserts, this red spot of sand that can be seen from space.

When you visit this place, you're basically in a movie

Lawrence of Arabia was filmed in Wadi Rum, and other movies like Red Planet, The Last Days on Mars, Passion in the Desert, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Prometheus and The Martian were also filmed here.

I haven't been to Mars and no one else either. But I like to think that Wadi Rum is the closest I get to visit Mars.

Wadi Rum is a truly special place I’ll be back. But next time it won't be just one night.

Wadi Rum offers tourists the opportunity to get up close and personal with desert life through a camel tour and a night in a Bedouin camp.

Be aware of sleeping in a Bedouin tent under the stars in a desert isn't everyone's cup of tea -

Petra, a place that brings out your inner Indiana Jones (Last Crusade).
Petra, the ancient capital of Nabataeans, carved from sandstone.
There were enough water and food in this region to support 30,000 people who were supposed to have colonized Petra.
Petra is an enormous city of tombs, monuments, and sacred structures. Some estimates say more than 800 carved tombs.
The famous Al Khazneh, Pharoah's Treasure mausoleum is considered the most famous place in Petra. Treasury is estimated to be over 2,000 years.
Johann Ludwig Burckhardt rediscovered Petra in 1812, Then it had been a lost city for hundreds of years.
Only a small part of Petra are excavated today, 85% of Petra are still hidden under tons of sand.
Petra is one of the new seven wonders of the world.

The Dead Sea is really "Deeper Than Surface". The surface of the Dead Sea is 434m below sea level and continues to sink by about 1 meter a year.
This is lowest spot on earth, also the saltiest and most mineral-laden water in the world.
For millennia, the mineral-rich water has been used as a source of healing, health, rehabilitation and beauty treatments. The Dead sea also provided balm for the mummification of Egyptian pharaohs

The Dead Sea, probably died 14,000 years ago. 
The lake is still not completely dead. Some microorganisms thrive in the extremely saline water.

Be treated like a King
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